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Not getting our updates and reminders?

The email addresses and phone numbers attached to your Eleyo Profile are the communication methods the system pulls for mass communications (notification of snow days, reminders for non-school days, etc). The ones you enter on your contract registration questions are kept on-site for emergency communication in the event that electronic access is unavailable, such as on a field trip or if there is a power outage. If you have updated your email address/phone number or would like communications to go to more than one email address/phone number, please add them using the directions below. To receive text messages, make sure you select Cell as the phone number type and click the box to receive text messages.

Only owners on the account will receive communications from Adventure Connection, and we cannot give any account information to those not listed as owners. If you wish to have someone added as an owner on your account who is not already an owner, please provide us with written authorization to add the person as well as their full name, phone number, address (if different than yours), email address and relationship to the child/ren. An email can serve as written notice if it comes from an email address we have tied to your profile.